Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some thoughts about Fantasci magic, treasure

About magic...

The game will be high magic, but not overburdened with spells. What
I mean by this is, there will be relatively basic spells of attack,
defense and healing.

We might need to beef that up a little to keep each role interesting.
In a video game, you're running the party, not the individual
characters, but I still think simple yet robust magic could be fun.

About treasure...

Treasure will consist of items, but not money.

What will you do for money? Bounties!

With two major classes that rely on captured monsters (the Bonder and
the Monster Trainer), and combat arenas in towns, along with other
stuff monsters could be used for (like uh, meat), you'll capture
monsters rather than kill them, then return them to town and collect a

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