Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fantasci Class List

This is what I'm thinking of for character classes for Fantasci. As always, questions and comments welcome.

Bard (uses music to heal allies and damage enemies)

Black Magician (commands the elements)

Bonder (bonds with powerful creatures and can then summon them)

Gunner (uses firearms with deadly accuracy)

Monster Trainer (captures monsters and teaches them to work together under his command)

Star Player (master of the sport Crash Ball, turning his mastery of the sport into a deadly ranged fighting skill)



White Magician (master of healing magic)


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, it reminds me very much of Final Fantasy. Nice! :-)

Chuck said...

That's not the only source, but is *A* source.

It would be hard to do a Japanese-style fantasy RPG and avoid FF.

But I am also a huge fan of Phantasy Star and Dragon Quest games, so their influence is present as well.

Daniel M. Perez said...

> Bard


Chuck said...

Glad I included it then lol.

Bard was actually a late addition.

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