Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Aikido to Zen

New day, new letter of the alphabet.

Since we started with B, let's backtrack to A shall we?


(Escrima or Kali)

Weapon Style

Arnis was developed by the settlers of the Philippine Islands, many of them from China, India, Indonesia, and Southwest Asia. When the Spanish invaded the islands, they dubbed the fierce stick-fighting style of the natives “Escrima,” which means “skirmish.” After conquering the island, the Spanish outlawed the style, and it was forced underground. The style was preserved through dances and mock battles, in which the natives played the role of Spaniards, wearing the “arnes,” or medieval armor. These plays used the same footwork as Escrima and kept the techniques alive.

Remy Amador Presas, who incorporated empty-hand techniques, such as kicks and throws, into the style to make it more rounded, and who blended more than 7,000 regional styles into one national style, is considered the founder of Modern Arnis. This updated style also has a mystical side—dubbed “The Flow” by Presas himself—which encourages each student to tailor the style to his body and natural movements rather than conform himself to the style. Arnis stylists refer to their greatest practitioners as “Grand Masters.”

Prerequisite: Attack Focus (Club)

Style Maneuvers

Weapons 4 ranks: While armed with two batons you may make two additional attacks instead of one but all your attacks this round suffer an additional penalty of –15. Your ranks in the Weapon skill can offset this normally if you possess the Two-Weapon Fighting perk.

Weapons 8 ranks: Attack Focus (Club): +2 to attack rolls

Weapons 12 ranks: Body Blow: On a successful attack to your opponent’s stomach or chest, your opponent must make a Fortitude save equal to your attack roll +10 or be flat-footed for the next 1-4 rounds. If you are using the injury rules, this is in addition to any effects from a stomach or chest hit due to injuries.

Weapons 16 ranks: Attack Specialization (Club): +3 damage

Weapons 20 ranks: Two-Weapon Defense: you gain the Defense bonus from your off-hand weapon even while using it to attack.

1 comment:

Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...


The style as presented here does a good job of capturing Anis/Escrima/Kali's De Cadena principle (with extra attacks at 4 ranks and TWD at 20 ranks), but pretty much ignores the concept of De-fanging the Snake (disarming weapons or damaging limbs before moving to head/body shots). If I were building the style, I would trade out improved ATK Focus and ATK Specialization for bonuses to disarming and nerve strikes to the limbs. My experience with the Filipino Arts indicates they are far less focused on getting good with clubs per se; the idea is to use bastons as a training aid to get good with swords, daggers, and empty hands.

Just nit-picking...I'm loving the way B&F True20's improved feats is folding into Modern20's Unarmed/Weapon skills.

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