Friday, October 19, 2007

Hunters preview 2


Wis; Trained Only

This skill represents the powers of the mind and is only available to those who select the Wild Talent feat at 1st level.

Using psionic abilities is taxing. Each time you use an ability granted by this skill, or a feat that requires this skill, you must make a Will save with a DC of 15 plus for each time you’ve used an ability based on this skill. Failing this saving throw results in you suffering 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. This damage is physically evident and may allow your use of psionic abilities to be detected. Possible physical manifestations of psionic damage include bleeding from the nose, eyes or ears or unexplained bruises that manifest spontaneously.

Precognition (requires perk): This use of the Psionics skill allows you to use your Psionics skill in place of your Initiative modifier. You may either use this skill at the start of an encounter (when initiative rolls are normally called for), or during an encounter to re-roll your initiative.

This skill use is a free action that you can perform once per round.

Telepathy (requires perk): This use of the Psionics skill allows you to detect the general emotional state of your target. Thus you could detect nervousness, anger, fear and so forth. This ability has a range of line of sight and the target of this ability may make a Will save to resist attempts to detect her emotional state. The DC of this Will save is your ranks in the Psionics skill +10.

If you successfully read a target’s emotional state, you may use half your ranks in Psionics to make a single Influence, Leadership or Perception check when interacting with that target.

This skill use is a move action.

Telekinesis (requires perk): Once per day you can move a weight of 10 lbs. per rank in this skill, you may hold this weight aloft for up to one minute and can move the full weight five feet per round.

You cannot effectively move this weight swiftly enough to damage a person. Even moving the object above a target and dropping it, you can move objects so slowly that an aware target could avoid being caught underneath an object being moved with this ability.

This skill use is a move action.

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