Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Possible Setting #1 Superspies: The USHER Dossiers

4a. SuperSpies

Join the forces of the Unites States Headquarters for Emergency Response (USHER). What's a day like in USHER? You might be fighting animals from South America given human intelligence by escaped Nazi scientists decades ago, now following their own agenda.

Or attempting to stop the dreaded super-intelligent computer hackers of Medusa from stealing millions through electronic transactions.

Or tracking down rogue Shturmovik agents. Once the Soviet Union's elite guard of power-suit soldiers, these proud men and women have been reduced to mercenary status, selling their hydraulic powered expertise to the bidder.

Or maybe you'll track down a rogue cyberneticist selling bionic "enhancements" to athletes or criminals.

No matter what you do, you'll do more in one day working for USHER than most do in a lifetime! So sign up today!


the other charles said...

damnit ... all of those settings sound so good. How can one mere man decide between them?!

Chuck said...

Well, I'm letting folks vote multiple times, so you don't HAVE to decide once and for all.

And depending on the voting, I might just do more than one!

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