Wednesday, October 17, 2007


All right ya'll, it's almost Twenty Ought Eight, time to roll with the new.

I've tweaked the blog format, once again proving my AWESOME mastery of blogspot layout programs.

Cleared out some of the clutter, starting with my Gamespot badge (cause I wanted to get rid of some of the clutter and it wasn't that exciting, and I doubt anyone cares what video game I'm playing right now anyway).

Google AdSense is gone, the ads looked crappy in my opinion, which might be google's fault, and might be the fault of the AWESOME blog template I chose.

In its place is a PayPal "tip jar".

I'm a poor writer, so if you're not, and want to help out, cool, if not (or if you are also poor), also cool, no pressure.

One last bit of blog news (which may possibly be the most boring kind of news) to convey before I sign off and hit the sack at 6:25 AM EST is that the blog's traffic is on pace to more than quadruple this year.

That's pretty cool.

Maybe I should go all emo in the Twenty Ought Eight and dish personal dirt about how I need a leather jacket to keep out the loneliness carried on the wind (Hotspot reference).

THAT would really get the blog traffic up there.


Larry Clapp said...

"I'm a poor writer, so if you're not, and want to help out, cool"

It took me several reads to realize you were soliciting funds, not soliciting advice from good writers. Which didn't make any sense anyway. I guess I should have some more coffee. :)

Charles said...


Apparently I'm a broke writer AND a bad one. Sheesh.

This reminds me that just the other day, I saw a DS game announced on gamespot like this:

Eco Creatures: Save the Forest from Majesco.

So apparently, we need to stop Majesco from burning down the rain forests?!?!?

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