Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coming soon from Vigilance Press: Clash of Arms Infantry

Clash of Arms: Infantry is the fifth installing in Vigilance Press’ historical-fantasy line of sourcebooks. Previous books in the series have looked at the evolution of cavalry warfare, the fighting nobility of Europe, the crafty merchant guildsmen of the middle class and those who lived outside the bounds of society: the witches.

This book takes a long overdue look at the unsung heroes of every army of the Middle Ages: the common foot soldier, who was often not quite so common. These soldiers did the hard work, enduring attacks and sucking it up on the front lines while the cavalry and archery forces they protected reaped the lion’s share of the glory.

Still, any commander worth his salt understood the value of these forces and knew that, when used effectively, a force comprised of archers, spearmen and cavalry was unbeatable.

First, as with all the books in this line, we present a new, historically themed core class: the Infantryman. Like other classes in the series, this core class is designed for maximum flexibility, with numerous options for developing your character without forcing you to multi-class between a number of similar, very narrow classes.

Second, a new craft skill is presented, giving you the tools to remake the battlefield in your favor. Take away your enemy’s mobility and a small force of disciplined foot soldiers can defeat a much larger force, as witnessed by Henry V’s stunning victory at the Battle of Agincourt.

And speaking of Agincourt, we follow up the crunch with a description of three pivotal battles from history where foot soldiers proved their worth and helped carry the day: the Battle of Hastings, the Battle of Arsuf and finally the Battle of Agincourt.

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