Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hunters preview 3

The year is 1962. Agents of a secret faction called the Splinter Radicals, who possess psychic abilities have been thwarted in their attempt to assassinate President Eisenhower. After this failed attempt, the United States government recruits its own psychics under a secret department of the Secret Service: the Psychic Research Defense Agency. Even more troubling, visitations by psychic Grey Aliens are on the rise, with new psychics being reported in their wake. J. Edgar Hoover, ever seeking more power, is attempting to recruit his own psychics to monitor suspected radicals outside the scope of the law. And now the PRDA’s precogs have a vision of a terrible day when the Splinter Radicals will kill newly elected President John F. Kennedy and blame the assassination on the Soviets.

Welcome to the next stage in human evolution. Be the hunter, or be hunted.

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