Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hunters timeline excerpt

The Hunters has one of my favorite modern campaign elements: the secret history. Here's a taste. As always, your thoughts are appreciated and encouraged.

January 22, 1944: A large explosion occurs during combat operations as part of Operation Shingle, more commonly referred to as the Battle of Anzio. Corporal Matt Corday is found naked in the center of a huge explosion that has fused the ground in a 200-meter radius to glass. No human remains of his comrades are ever discovered. Cpl. Corday, who remembers nothing, is transferred to a field hospital in Britain.

February 3, 1944: Cpl. Corday is found laying naked in the center of a 300-meter radius circle of fused ground in what had once been a British hospital where he was receiving treatment for battle fatigue. On the orders of Army Intelligence, Corday is sedated and transferred to a secret scientific facility in the United States for further testing.

June 4, 1944: Millie Mankin, a 19 year-old housewife living in Detroit, Michigan sees the death of her husband, William during a migraine headache. Though deeply disturbed by the graphic nature of this vision, Millie passes it off as stress and continues to work her regular shift at a factory producing ¾ ton trucks for the war effort.

June 6, 1944: William Mankin is killed during the Battle of Normandy. Based on the limited information given to her about the nature of her husband’s death, Millie realizes that the vision she had during her migraine came true, that she had witnessed her husband’s death two days before it happened.

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