Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Thread for Modern20 Feedback

Questions? Comments? Post them here!


Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...

The Disadvantage system is three kinds of awesome. Using Disads to buy extra feats or skill points would be a welcome, if unexciting, innovation to standard d20M, but tying Disad-based in-play plot complications to Action Point refreshment...that's schwoopier than Charisma Carpenter lying on a Ferrari fender.

Chuck said...


It's a system I used before for d20 Modern, except disads granted experience rather than AP.

I liked that system, it worked, but it seemed like the disads were HUGELY important at low levels, which didn't really sit well with me.

At the same time, I wanted ways to recover action points mid-adventure, sort of a modern take on True 20's virtues and vices.

So it sort of clicked.

the other charles said...

Got together with some of my players to make some characters yesterday. They seemed pretty excited about the options available. The occupations vs. backgrounds distinction really helped smooth out some problems with defining archetype and the "prestige" occupations (as one player called them) gave a few a little something to look forward to. Also, folks were more interested in picking a higher DSR to get the bigger AP award than they were when we used DSR for XP; I was completely surprised by that.

DNAphil said...

The book looks great. The artwork, cover and interior are excellent. The layout is also top notch. Is there going to be a print run for this? If so, go hard cover, it will look so good in hard cover.

I love the extra uses for AP's. The shortened skill list is awesome. I now have to come up with a new campaign to use this in.

Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...

Any plans for online character generation at RPGObjects? Modern20 chargen is much quicker and easier than standard d20M, but automated help and rule-checking is always appreciated.

chris davis said...

I do plan to create a character generator for this eventually.

Charles said...

There we go, from my sage-like boss himself!

I'm excited about that too.


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