Thursday, October 11, 2007

Request for feedback: first supplements

Given that I'm about to announce that I'm working on a martial arts book for Modern20, that sign might seem horribly misplaced. Changing the way I do business you say?

Well, yes and no. Obviously, the stuff I like hasn't magically changed overnight, including martial arts fiction, movies and comics.

In fact, it's probably not a surprise to anyone that Modern20 was built with more robust martial arts in mind from the ground up.

What is changing though, is the way we do business. Literally.

What I mean that is evidenced in this blog and at the ENWorld thread, where I solicited feedback at a much early stage in a product's life than I ever had before.

And in case you thought it might be an isolated instance, here we go again.

After Martial Arts20, I'd like some feedback on what folks would like to see for the game's first setting:
  • Blood and Relics
  • Prometheus Rising
  • Urban Mayhem- an over the top cops and robbers setting with a lot of violence and modern satire.
  • Superhuman20- superheroes from four color to ashen gray
  • The Hunters- psychics in the modern world pursued by corporations and governments in a psychic cold war.
  • No setting! Give me some crunch damnit! (you might notice each of these settings was chosen to provide some crunch for generic campaigns- if you want some crunch addressed that isn't likely to be covered in a setting above, mention it here)
  • Something else! (Not something licensed)


Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...

Heck, I'll buy all of 'em! The order I would like to see them come out in is:

1. Something else (conversion notes for converting d20/OGL rulesets to Modern^20, so I can finally put my groaning shelves full of d20 Modern/D&D books to use),
2. Superhuman20,
3. The Hunters,
4. Prometheus Rising,
5. Blood&Relics,
6. Urban Mayhem.

But definitely do MartialArts^20 first.


the other charles said...

MartialArts^20 ... sweet!

As for what is next, my vote is for Superhuman20, with Blood & Relics & Prometheus Rising tied for a close second.

Steve Peterson said...

I'd vote for a Modern20 Adventure Path with any campaign setting elements worked into it. This can work really well in a modern game since that way the players discover the secret truths of the world as part of the adventures.

Also, I think a big non-fantasy adventure path would be great to have -- they're practically non-existent unless you're playing Call of Cthulhu.

And great job on Modern20! Lots of nice cleaning up and streamlining in there. If I can scrounge the time I'd like to see about doing some conversions for it.

Chuck said...

Awesome, thanks guys, lots to think about here!

Prest0 said...

The Hunters sounds like fun.

DT Butchino said...

I'd like to see more of a toolkit approach to genres. Almost like WotC was trying to do with d20 Apocalypse or what Savage Worlds does.

Charles said...

DT Butchino said...

I'd like to see more of a toolkit approach to genres. Almost like WotC was trying to do with d20 Apocalypse or what Savage Worlds does.

So you mean you'd prefer books like "Horror20" and "Special Ops20", rather than campaign models?

Mark C. said...

2)Unless Psionics are in Superhuman20 or Magic20, I'd like Psionics20 or The Hunters
3)Urban Mayhem
4)Darwin's World20
5)Wizards & Wiseguys20
6)Prometheus Rising
7)Blood & Relics

Sean Q said...

I am lovinh Modern20. The upcoming stuff sounds great but I'd say in order;

2)Blood & Relics
3) Hunters
4)Urban Mayhem
5) Prometheus Rising

Chuck said...

Thanks Sean!

It seems that Superhuman20 is the early leader, which is a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one!

Walt said...

OK... Comments from the Front.

* Super20
* Relics 20
* Prometheus Rising
* Can't wait to see Martial20
* Secret20

Coolness to you and congrats on getting the project done. I can't wait to get a connection fast enough to load it (waiting too long at a computer means that my beard might grow in before it is downloaded... they frown on facial hair here...)

Best Regards,

Daniel M. Perez said...



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