Saturday, October 20, 2007

For example...

Time Undetermined: Alien travelers make frequent visits to Earth to study the local population and are greeted as gods by the primitive inhabitants of that world. On initial visits, these travelers have free contact with the natives, allowing them to see their landing craft and interact with the crew.

When subsequent visits begin to report a contamination of Earth culture from these visits, with inhabitants building standing stone circles, pyramids, geometric lines and other objects visible from a great height, apparently to encourage more contact, the visitors begin to use a more circumspect approach.

Some investigators who know of these visits believe the aliens altered humanity to have the capacity for psychic ability. While others maintain the ability itself is the reason for contact.


There is definitely ancient visitation in Prometheus, and even the Grover's Mill incident gets a mention.

Just don't interpret these things as any sort of admission that I *believe* that ancient astronaut crap. I find the woks of van Daniken to be excellent fiction though.


Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...

"Just don't interpret these things as any sort of admission that I *believe* that ancient astronaut crap."

Good to know...I'm also hoping Blood & Relics doesn't indicate that you buy into the Prieuré de Sion. :)

Chuck said...


The first draft of Blood and Relics had the world's most in your face disclaimer, in which I basically denounced almost everything in the world as pure bunk and called anyone who really believed it dumb.

We later decided to dial that down several dozen notches to something closer to the disclaimer you see in the final draft, where I basically apologize in advance, for everyone lol.

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