Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, I decided to stick my toe in the water on this one, because the more I think about the idea, the more I like it.

Once we were legends. Walking side by side with creatures of myth on farflung worlds, soaring through the skies with ease and even mounting chariots that approached the realm of the Gods themselves. For his arrogance man was struck down and the Gods’ fury scorched the world. Despite this grave punishment and the warnings of the Church of the True, there are those who persist in experimenting with machines, called “infernal tech” for weaponry and transportation. Even more disturbing to the Church are those who have embraced black magic and witchcraft. For these transgressions the Black Horde walk the land. Against these hordes heroes emerge, some using the very infernal tech the Church says has caused the Gods to visit another punishment on mankind.

Fantasci is about those who stand against the Black Horde. Heroes to the people, heretics to the church, they are the Men of Legend. The Heroes of Fantasci.

Fantasci is a d20 Fantasy rules set by Charles Rice that will bring the feel of Japanese RPGs to d20.

The project will be funded by contributions from patrons, through

If $600 dollars is raised by the deadline (25 days), I'll begin work and the project should take about a month to complete. Estimated length is 80 pages.

A word about Fundable:

Fundable lets people contribute to something risk-free. If the total amount isn't raised in 25 days, it's refunded. Once the goal is reached, it will be distributed to me and I'll begin work.


Rich Spainhour, MAJ, USA said...

Pledged. Will this use a fantasy variant of the Modern20 rules (he asked hopefully), or will it be closer to standard Fantasy d20 (still cool if Chuck is writing it)?

Chuck said...

Sort of a hybrid actually.

I think it will most closely resemble the book I did for the Two Worlds RPG mechanically, which itself was a prototype for Modern 20.

For example, it will have its own classes rather than those found in Modern20, and the skill list would obviously need to be changed.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I asked this at EN World, but let me ask it here, too (out of curiosity, cause I want to pick your brain apart, though not in a Sylar kind of way).

Why Fundable over an Open Design-style format?

Chuck said...

I'll answer it here too! So folks don't have to go hunting all over the net to follow the chat.


1. I wasn't sure anyone wanted this thing, and I didn't want to be holding folks' money if only a few chipped in.

2. I knew Dennis Detwiler and Greg Stolz used fundable for ransom projects.

Now I have a question for you, how does Wolfgang do his Open Design? Probably something way slick I never thought of lol.

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