Saturday, September 01, 2007

Haunted Lands Path Synopsis

By request, I have included a look ahead at the first 6 episodes of the Haunted Lands adventure path. If you don't want spoilers, don't highlight this text.

Haunted Land

1. Escape from the Haunted Land: The PCs’ serve Komatsu Haru, an aged and respected Daimyo who has been engaged in a battle for control over his ancestral lands with Sasaki Shunichi, the family’s ancestral enemy. After a long and bitter struggle, his senior retainer, Faithless (though this NPC has a name, his treachery is such that even his allies refuse to speak it), has turned on the family and the enemy is at the castle walls with an overwhelming force. Defeat seems certain.

It is then that the Daimyo’s wife, Komatsu Etsu, calls down a terrible curse, engulfing all the Daimyo’s ancestral lands in evil, making them useless to Sasaki Shunichi. The Daimyo calls the PCs together and gives them a special mission: they will leave with his son, Komatsu Taro and smuggle him out of the Haunted Lands.

As he gives this order, the enemy crashes through the gates. The Elder Daimyo and all the retainers other than the PCs go to fight the enemy. Distracting them, but also dying a certain, honorable death denied to the PCs.

2. Black Ronin: The PCs learn that they are being hunted by a band of Ronin hired by Sasaki Shunichi, led by the Black Ronin.

3. White Blade: PCs learn of a legendary sword with cleansing properties. Could its purifying properties cleanse Komatsu Taro’s ancestral lands? The PCs must travel to the big city and have a showdown with a ruthless crime boss to find the location of the blade.

4. Storm Sea: PCs learn that the blade is in the Cave of Evil Spirits, located in Koryo. They must hire a ship and travel across the seas during a raging storm, overcoming the dreaded Wako in the process.

5. Strangers in a Strange Land: The PCs must find the location of the cave in a strange and hostile land.

6. Cave of Evil Spirits: PCs must make their way to the bottom of the cave and find the White Blade, overcoming its Oni guardian.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great :-)
All the best with it, Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Has this ever been developed further? I would love to see more!

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