Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tentative support plans for Modern20

In a comment to the cover friend of the blog Walt asked:

Also, what will the production of M20 do to some of the other products that
RPGObjects puts out? Will there be updates that are attached to the files or
will we have revised products? I am a huge fan of Vigilance and I was wondering
what will become of that line?

What will happen to our existing products is likely nothing. What will happen to those lines is a different story and will really be the story of Modern20 going forward.

If the game is a success, then those lines will be converted to M20 and carry forward that way.

For the most part products won't be a 1-1 conversion.

For the moment, our tentative plans are: an equipment book expanding on the offerings found in M20, a martial arts book (cause martial arts rock and the system was written with an eye toward supporting the kinds of robust martial arts support we're known for) and a game master book.

Keep in mind these are tentative plans and might change, but this is what we're thinking so far.


Walt said...

This whole project has "Greatness" written all over it and I can't wait to see what the future holds. All the details on the blog so far as to what has been changed, revised and expanded all sounds pretty tight and I can't wait to see the fruits of all of this.

If some of the "Modern" dogs out there latch onto this project and run with it there should be a great turn out for this product...

One more question before I run... Will this product also contain information for "Future" type gaming as well or is that another product for another time?

Thanks for all the hard work so far... Fans (and all us military types with free time and WAY too much imagination) really appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Charles said...

I think there's a better than average chance of Prometheus Rising being one of the first campaign models I do for this, so there will be some futuristic support yes.

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