Friday, September 14, 2007

93 and counting

Well, the NPCs you folks have (hopefully) been enjoying for the past couple of weeks while we hammered at the rules with wrought iron hammers to see what shook loose have now been folded into the book itself, at the end, to help folks design NPCs.

Page count is now up to 93.

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mikelaff said...

any plans for a monster manual/bestiary/npc collection?

Chuck said...

Not at present.

My focus is likely to be on non-magical modern gaming, because that's what I'm into.

There 36 NPCs in this book though (6 per class).

mikelaff said...

that's cool -
Just a thought

It might be handy if there were some quick and dirty rules for converting a D20 NPC into a D20 modern NPC. Nothing exhaustive and overly crunchy - just enough so a GM could have an idea about how to convert adventures she already owns into this system quickly (or on the fly even)

anyway - just a thought.

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