Friday, August 31, 2007

WWII Tours?!?!

I just saw a Google ad for "WWII Tours", tours of places like Normandy, the Eagle's Nest, Dachau...

Has everyone lost their damn minds?

Its too bad our grandfathers spent all that extra toil (you know, after the fighting and all) to rebuild. They could have left Dresden in ruins, bought the land, set up lemonade stands, and then retired and drove around Bel Air in their Gold-Plated Cadillacs.

Too creepy.

At least this way the money ends up going to SOME folks who were actually there when the "arsenal of freedom" was falling on top of their damn heads. Now if we could just force the History channel to start paying the Japanese and the Europeans royalties, we'd at least not be total freaking scumbags.

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