Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's next

So... editing and revision on Modern20 will begin soon. So what's next? Well, first we're figuring out how to market this thing besides "one dude yammers on his blog".

Tempting as it might sound, I can't call that a marketing plan.

As part of that, the name has already changed. No longer Modern 2.0, no!

The final name will be Modern superscript 20. So it's like modern to the 20th power.

Whoa. /Spicoli

I'm also giving some thought to the first book supporting Modern20, and it's definitely going to be a martial arts product. Notice I didn't call it Blood and Fists? That's part of the ongoing marketing discussions. We might break with our past naming conventions.

But this system was designed to allow for martial arts. It was basically built with the type of games I like to run in mind, and the Unarmed skill will allow me to do things with B&F that I always wanted to do.

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