Monday, September 03, 2007

Accidental Survivors

I've talked about Accidental Survivors many times before, since it's THE podcast devoted to modern gaming, a genre I definitely enjoy.

Well on the next episode of Accidental Survivors I'm going to be on the show, talking about the upcoming Modern System 2.0, which should be blast!

Please give it a listen.


mikelaff said...


mikelaff said...

BTW - I don't know if this will come up at AS - but I suspect when you release this, you'll be fielding _lots_ of questions about how it's different/similar to Monte Cook's D20 WOD.

Just a hunch.

Maybe we could get you and Monte in a Thunderdome-esque fight to see who gets to be the king of Modern D20. Two systems systems leaves :)

Chuck said...

I've actually seen some similarities between what Wizards is doing in 4e with what Modern 2.0 does as well.

Still, not a competition in either case. Those are big games and mine is a little PDF that might get printed.

I'm a tricycle, they're Mack Trucks ;)

Rob said...

We had a great time with you on the show, Chuck. I know I for one would love to have you back some time. Keep an eye out for the episode release some time soon!

Chuck said...

Thanks Rob, I'd love to come back again.

I checked your forums, and didn't see a listing of future shows.

Where is that?

FraserRonald said...

Hey Chuck

The list of possible topics is in the thread "What Topic Should We Feature" which you'll find here:

Working on editing the episode, but its slow going. It'll be up early next week. I'll drop you a line when it's up.


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