Monday, September 17, 2007

Corrupting the next generation

So, something I do to help out my brother is babysit my neice, age 10. Since I work, well, whenever the hell I want, it's no skin off my nose, and she's really low-maintenance. A sandwich here, some juice there, letting her borrow my DS, really low-key.

However, recently something disturbing happened: she announced to me that her favorite band was Nickleback.

Nickleback, the damn band Mike Nelson recently refused to admit was a real band, preferring to think of them as merely an expression someone had coined for a really, really bad band.

At this point, I knew I had to take action. An intervention was clearly called for. But it had to be done the right way. I wasn't about to be one of those lame-ass adults who snorted "Nickeback??!? why in MY day, we had MUSIC young lady!"

First, because I have no desire to be that guy. I've met him, he's lame. Secondly, because it wouldn't work. Letting her think adults don't approve of Nickleback would only cement their coolness in her mind.

I remember how *I* felt when my aunt was horrified at what went on in Master of Kung-Fu. That was when I was *sure* it was cool.

Instead, I offered to show her some stuff on youtube. She likes youtube, but isn't allowed on it without adult supervision (cause of all the creepy icky videos one can find there).

Usually, I'm showing her movie trailers, but this time, I said "what about some music videos". She said sure. I proceeded to call up the voluminous concert footage of Rush that I know is there.

And, I am happy to report that, about halfway through the 3rd video (YYZ), she spontaneously busted out with "these guys are an awesome band".

And when she said partway through Neil's live drum solo "I had no idea you could play drums like that", I think I shed a tear.

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Prest0 said...

Glad there are still folks out there preaching the gospel!

mikelaff said...

Kind of reminds me of that time I turned my little brother onto Poison circa 1987.

I... still feel a little ashamed about that.

Chuck said...

Did you just compare introducing someone to Rush to introducing someone to Poison?

mikelaff said...

Well, yeah, but I'd argue that the point I was making had more to do with my regrettable taste in music during the 80s than anything else.

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