Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fantasy Adventurers on the way

I just saw a proof copy of Fantasy Adventurers.

Fantasy Adventurers is a light, fun strategy game for two players. One player runs the dungeon, which he stocks with monsters, traps and all sorts of other deviltry.

The other player runs the party, which consists of four characters, who explore the dungeon, loot it, take its stuff and grow in power.

I'm sure you're all reeling by the insanely unique premise behind this game.

Better still, the game can be played anywhere and all you need to play is a sheet of paper, pencil and d20.

It's designed for light, fast, fun pick-up games, whenever you need a quick dose of fun. Perhaps in the car on a road-trip or when your regular group can't get together and you need some dungeon-crawling themed fun.

Parties consist of a warrior, a mage, a priest and a thief and as these characters gain levels, they can progress into advanced and elite professions.

Each character has three statistics: combat, magic and traps.

Encounters are adjudicated the same way.

The player running the dungeon chooses a selection of creatures and/or traps for the encounter, which gives the encounter a rating in combat, magic and traps.

Depending on the ratings of the encounter and the party, progressing through the encounter will inflict some damage, and also grant the party some experience. They will also find items along the way.

Look for Fantasy Adventurers, coming soon from RPGObjects.

1 comment:

mikelaff said...

that sounds like a cool concept. I'll have to give this a look when it comes out.

Hmmmm...Wonder if it could be converted to a modern setting with a covert strike team substituting for the adventurers and an enemy military base subbing for the dungeon...

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