Saturday, September 29, 2007


It just occurred to me that I didn't answer the last part of Walt's question.

What to do with Blood and Vigilance is especially sticky as conversions go. The classes wouldn't be needed. Modern20 uses 6 classes and will never* have more than 6.

Between the 6 core classes, being built on a feat per level, occupations (that you can change), advanced occupations, hobbies and such, you won't need more classes.

The B&V disadvantage system is part of the core.

So what that would leave would be the powers, which wouldn't change much, and the campaign advice.

I'd end up tweaking and adding some things I'm sure, and there would be new occupations, but it doesn't seem to merit a book all its own.

Maybe in the GM guide I'll do multiple settings, like True 20 did.

*Never say never I know, we'll define "never" as 99% chance.


Walt said...

This whole project has "Greatness" written all over it and I can't wait to see what the future holds. All the details on the blog so far as to what has been changed, revised and expanded all sounds pretty tight and I can't wait to see the fruits of all of this.

If some of the "Modern" dogs out there latch onto this project and run with it there should be a great turn out for this product...

One more question before I run... Will this product also contain information for "Future" type gaming as well or is that another product for another time?

Thanks for all the hard work so far... Fans (and all us military types with free time and WAY too much imagination) really appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Chuck said...

I would be totally shocked if the Prometheus Rising setting did not come to Modern20 at some point in the near future.

Whether its immediate or not, I'm still pondering.

Part of me wants to go "hey, this system can handle everything- here's how it handles fantasy, here's how it handles sci-fi"!

But part of me recognizes that a little focus might be good too.

Decisions decisions.

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