Monday, August 20, 2007

Modern 2.0: Sample class?

So, should I post a sample class? And if so, what class would you like to see.


mikelaff said...

Sorry for the dumb question, I'm a late-arriver to this.
Are these new classes or a redux of current D20Mod classes?

If these are new classes - could you give me a link to the list of them? I scrolled back a couple of pages in your blog, but I didn't find them.

Chuck said...

The classes are totally new, but they are, in effect, 20 level versions of the d20 Modern base classes.

Except that, each one has been given both a general party role, as well as a statistical point of superiority.

So the classes are operating on multiple levels.

They are:

Powerhouse (Strength, melee specialist, best BAB)

Speedfreak (Dexterity, ranged specialist, best Defense)

Tank (Con, melee specialist, most Hit Points)

Brainiac (Int, skill specialist, most skill points)

Empath (Wis, skill specialist/healer, best saving throws)

Star (Cha, skill specialist, best Reputation)

David said...

I'd like a look at the Speedfreak.
I've been working on a super-hero game, and for a few years we've been using d20Mod as our core rules. The Star Wars Saga rules are a little more stream-line then I like, I think.
I heard you on Accidental Survivors. I got pretty excited. It sounds like you're making some cool changes (like 20th level classes).

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