Thursday, August 09, 2007

Occupations: umm 2.5

Ok, this really, really is how occupations will work. I promise. Except it will offer two improved feats instead of one. Other than that, just like this. For sure.


You are a working performer on the stage or screen.
Professional Skills: Art, Influence and Perception
Improved Feats: Attractive (+6 bonus to Influence checks when dealing with your chosen gender)
Occupation Specific Perks: Chameleon: the Art skill grants you the Disguise skill use, normally associated with the Crime skill.


DNAphil said...

I like this. Just a few questions....

1. The professional skills, are these bonus skills in that if you don't have them they are now class skills, or do you get some number of ranks in them for free?

2. For the Occupation Specific Perks: what if I had Disguise already? Do I get a bonus to it, or use it with either Art or Crime, whichever is higher?

Now have you considered a lifestyle mechanic, where each month or week, you have to make a wealth check, to keep living at the rate you are living at, and that perhaps your occupation has some bonus to it?

Charles said...

1. Professional skills are added to your class skill list. The game has backgrounds as well, that give free skill ranks.

2. If you already have Disguise then you don't have to take that perk ;)

Seriously though, there's several other things perks do: they modify how skills work (you might have seen some entries in the sample skills I've posted that say "requires perk"), they can provide a Wealth bonus, or a Reputation bonus

3. On Wealth, no Wealth checks to maintain a lifestyle. In fact, no Wealth checks at all.

As has been mentioned previously, if it's an out of combat thing, you don't roll.

Items will have a cost, your character will have a Wealth score.

If the item is equal or less than Wealth, you can buy it.

If the item is more than Wealth, it will permanently reduce your Wealth to buy it (you're cashing out 401K's, pawning things, etc.)

Occupations will give Wealth bonuses two ways: from your highest-ranked professional skill, and for each of the Improved Feats you take.

Also, occupations will actually be like occupations. You can leave your current one for a new one at any time.

Also, some occupations will be unavailable at 1st level.

Paul King said...

When you say you don't have to take the perq, do you get something else instead? Or will there be a handful of perqs, and you pick one?

Charles said...


All occupations grant two perks.

You can modify a skill, get a wealth or reputation bonus, or take one of the occupation's specific perks, if it has one.

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