Friday, August 17, 2007


I am finally done with occupations for Modern System 2.0, but I must admit to being a bit distracted.

By what? By hitting refresh on various message boards every 5 minutes to follow the conversations about 4th edition.

Fuck it, I'm excited.

I already want the rules. I want to dissect them, learn them, see what makes them tick.

I am in crunch-gearhead heaven right now.


mikelaff said...

Chuck -aren't you actually _in_ Indy right now?

BTW - do you think this heralds a new _official_ direction for D20 Modern rules - or not so much?

Charles said...

No way man.

I'm a lowly writer.

Going to GenCon would cost me like a year's comic book money ;)

On d20 Modern, I dunno. They may or may not do a second edition of d20 Modern.

I'm not counting on it coming next year though.

mikelaff said...

With 52 and Civil War, A year's worth of comic book money this last year turned out to be quite a bit. Not all of it well spent -still bitter about the ending for Civil War:(

Charles said...

I liked Civil War myself. Course I just got the main story, so I only spent 20 bucks on it.

I got the first 52 trade, because I'm a huge fan of Rucka, Morrison and Waid but somehow, the "stew" of those great writers was far less appealing than they are to me individually.

mikelaff said...

I liked CW up until the final battle.
IMHO - 52 kind of meanders into about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way thru

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