Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Intermediate Powerhouse

Intermediate Powerhouse (Powerhouse 4): HD 4d10+8; HP 34; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; Defense 14, touch 14, flatfooted 13 (+1 Dex, +3 Class); BAB +4; Atk +8 melee (1d6+7, Aluminum Baseball Bat), or +7 ranged (2d6+6, Colt Python); SQ Melee Master; AL Gang; SV Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +0, Rec +4; Rep +2; Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12.

Background: Criminal

Occupation: Mobster: Perks (Weapons- Aggressive Stance; Professional Salary)

Hobby: Crime

Skills: Athletics 6 (+9), Crime 4 (+4), Firearms 6 (+7), Influence 4 (+5), Perception 4 (+3), Streetwise 4 (+3), Unarmed 6 (+9), Weapons 6 (+9)

Feats: Armed Defense (19 Defense against melee when not flat-footed), Attack Focus (Aluminum Baseball Bat), Attack Focus (Colt Python), Attack Specialization (Aluminum Baseball Bat), Enemy (rival crime family), Move-By Action, Point Blank Shot

Contacts/Followers: Supply Contact (Wealth +2)

Wealth: 17

Possessions: Aluminum Baseball Bat, Knife, Colt Python, 18 rounds, Tactical Vest

Playtesting continues. An interesting direction for the Powerhouse. This class did well in the 1st level playtest, coming in just behind the Star in total number of wins. Abandoning his Unarmed perk for a Wealth boost, the Powerhouse enters the intermediate round with a much better armor and weapon selection, allowing this character to be dangerous at range, while still being someone you never, ever, want to let get within arm's reach of you.

In the words of George Carlin, "It's amazing what you can accomplish with a simple baseball bat".

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