Monday, August 06, 2007

Modern System 2.0 Final Skill List






















David S. Gallant said...

Looks like you're moving into a skill-based attack system there, bub. Not a bad idea at all. And here I was, going to ask you today how combat will change under this new regime.

Very interesting to see the big nonadventure skills (Craft, Knowledge, Research, Perform, Profession) disappear but have some of their subcategories show up as their own skills. I have to wonder, what are the differences between Legal, Crime, and Streetwise? Very intrigued to see these three as their own skills, and I look forward to seeing how they are used in your new paradigm.

Paul King said...

Like David, I see that Craft is gone. How will this impact your BnC books that rely on that for creating things?

Charles said...

Craft isn't gone per se. Everything you could make before you could make now.

Some aspects went to Engineering, some to Chemistry, some to Computers.

How this will effect other books has been discussed internally, but that's putting the cart before the horse.

If everyone hates it, then it won't effect anything at all. I'll just slink back to what I was doing ;)

Rogers said...

I like it. I'm interested in seeing how that skill-based combat works.

Charles said...

Not skill-based combat per se. You still will have a BAB based on class.

What the combat skills (firearms, unarmed, weapons) will do is determine how many weapons you can use (taking the place of weapon proficiency feats), determine your base unarmed damage, negate burst fire penalties and so forth.

Charles said...

I like the use of combat skills to replace the proficiencies that are normally class features. Makes it less likely someone will dip into a class just for the proficiencies, and more likely that someone will build an eccentric character, even if means building their abilities cross-class. Cool.

Rogers said...

Ah, lovely. So it's a True20 approach, with a base BAB< but it's almost as if you're using the weapons skills like an FX skill. I played around with that muyself when looking at how to balance PC's in True20/M&M hybrid.

FraserRonald said...

I like it. Very nice. This is informing my own efforts quite nicely, even though we are proceeding along different paths with different goals.

If I intend to steal anything, I'll be sure to let you know! ;-P

Charles said...

Glad you're liking it.

I really think the skills section has a lot of good stuff in it.

And it better, it has been the hardest part of the book BY FAR.

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