Saturday, August 18, 2007

Modern 2.0: Filling in the outline part 2

Reputation is done. I really like this little section.

On to Wealth.


Curt said...

Chuck, first of all, let me say for the record that your work is part of the reason I finally sunk the money into the d20 Modern core book last month. With the announcement of 4th ed, do you have any idea what will happen with the OGL / SRD? Thanks.

Curt said...

So are you actually designing 2.0 for publication and release through WtC? If so, you're the guy to do it.

Charles said...

Curt- to your first question, it's my understanding that 4e will also be released under the OGL, meaning guys like me can use those rules to do stuff.

Which is exciting! I can't wait.

To your second, no, this just a RPGObjects book, nothing official.

When I started it, I didn't even know 4e was coming (though I am on record predicting an announcement this year and release next).

Thanks for the sentiment though, that's a nice compliment.

Curt said...

Did you do Blood & Relics? I nominated it for an Enie when it came out. Unfortunately, I don't have second edition.

And please release whatever you compile for this rules set--and give a brotha a steep discount ;)

Charles said...

Blood and Relics was me, glad you like it!

Curt said...

so why not release a mega bundle of all the Chuck Rice d20 Modern pdfs as an act of thanks to fans?

Not that I or any fan should expect that, ... just wishful thinking.

Charles said...

Well, it's way too early to think about abandoning d20 Modern altogether, at least for me.

It's a cart before the horse situation.

Modern 2.0 would have to be very, very successful first.

I'm not thinking past this book right now.

Paul King said...

Are you changing how Reputation works in from your other Blood and X books?

Charles said...

I did an article for the dispatch with alternate Reputation rules, but for the moment, Modern 2.0 is going to be self-contained.

Depending on how its received, I might convert some older works to the new system.

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