Monday, August 13, 2007

Really Marvel?

C'mon guys. You're publishing this?

And Joe Q simple can't. stop. talking. about how lame it is that Spider-Man's married (cause you can't have a "soap opera" with married people in it- and by soap opera he means love triangles and Spider-Man catting around with the hot new thing he just met).

And you want to increase female readership Marvel?

Enlarge the image and look closely. It's tentacle porn. On the cover of a comic ostensibly aimed at teenagers (I say this because Heroes for Hire is rated T+).

And I don't even want to know what those tentacles are oozing (and dripping on Black Cat's breasts).

C'mon marvel. You can do better. YOU SHOULD BE doing better. Please stop making me be embarrassed to be a geek. I'd be ashamed to be seen carrying that, much less reading it, and I am not easily offended.

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