Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Modern System 2.0: Occupations 2.0

You make your living through the sweet science of boxing.
Salary (skills): Highest-ranked professional skill, +1 Wealth per 2 ranks
Salary (feats):
Professional Skills: Athletics, Unarmed
Talents: Pugilist 1, Pugilist 2, Pugilist 3, Diesel 1, Diesel 2, Diesel 3, Strength Training 1, Strength Training 2, Strength Training 3


Paul King said...

I notice that the Occupation has talents in it. Will this be in addition to the talents from the base classes?

Charles said...

Yep. Each occupation will have nine talents that it grants access to.

Also, these aren't occupations in the d20M sense where you pick one at first level and that's what you do, forever.

Those have become backgrounds in Modern 2.0.

These occupations are things you can enter and leave like jobs in the real world.

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