Sunday, August 12, 2007

An advanced occupation

I'm thinking I won't formally call them that in the game. They're just occupations you can't get into at 1st level.

My players have taken to calling them "AO's". But my players is crazy so whatever.


You kill for profit.

Prerequisite: Firearms 10 ranks or Stealth 10 ranks or Weapons 10 ranks, Sneak Attack, Critical Strike

Professional Skills: Firearms, Stealth and Weapons

Improved Feats (any two): Crippling Strike: your target suffers two points of temporary Strength damage, Critical Strike: when you inflict bonus damage with this feat, that bonus damage is increased by +3 points; Enemy: if you possess the Contract Killer or License to Kill perks you may designate any target derived from one of these perks as your “enemy”; Sneak Attack: your attack bonus is increased to 1.5 per feat, rounded down (+1 to attack rolls for one feat, +3 to attack rolls for two feats, +4 to attack rolls for three feats, etc.)

Occupation Specific Perks: Contract Killer: you might take work as a hit man, earning a Wealth award equal to the level of any target you are hired to kill; License to Kill: you may find work for a government agency that will aid you in assassinating specific targets chosen by that government agency

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