Friday, November 02, 2007

Possible Setting #5: Pulp/Cliffhangers

The year is 1934, Hitler has just become the Fuhrer in Germany and Sir Walton Smith has come to The Pursuit, New York's most prestigious adventurers club with a unique challenge: he has discovered another world at the center of the Earth, a place of untold wonders and horrors.

To make things more "interesting", he has also informed groups of explorers from Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Japan of this world.

Realizing the world is hurtling toward war, Sir Walton has decided to use his "challenge" as a twisted test to see which nation he anticipates being central to the coming conflict will be able to make the perilous journey to the north pole and plunder the secrets of this uncharted land first.

"And if you succeed," he notes dryly, "there are still other secrets I know so the contest can begin again."

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