Thursday, November 01, 2007

Possible Setting #3: Cyberpunk

Life is different at ground level.

In 2107, the elite live high above the mean streets of the East Coast Metroplex, which stretches from Boston to Philadelphia. Their feet never touch the ground. They live in the clouds and take computer controlled flying cars to their "jobs".

In history class, you were told that the elite moved so high after the terrorists detonated a nuclear device in Old New York.


It's all about survival now. Even the cops don't fly below the 30-story line unless there's a full-scale riot.

It's just you and the other gangs, avoiding the Auto-Cops, trying to scrape enough money together for that next cyber-upgrade or dose of stim and hoping to find some idiot with an undefended wireless point near his accounts.

Then you can live in the clouds too.


mikelaff said...

aw man, - - can I do a write-in vote for Wizards and Wiseguys?


(kicks dirt - pouts)

Charles said...

No soup for you! ;)

mikelaff said...

(cries one stoic, manly tear - like the Native American in the 1970s Keep America Beautiful commercial)

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