Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Customer Service. Or not.

Ok, that title's a little harsh, because my Capital One credit card is the best, least pain in the ass credit card I've ever had by such a wide margin it's simply ridiculous.

But everytime I checked my balance online or what have you, I always saw this little "message" tab, where I could basically email customer service from within Capital One while logged into my account.

I thought, that's cool, I can just fire them off a question!

So eventually, a couple of years after having this card, I actually DO have a question while checking my account, so I type it in and fire it off! Yay, way better than calling Customer Service.

And lo, within 24 hours, I had an answer waiting for me. Yay again! No more customer service calls ever, right?

Except, the reply I had gotten was "thanks for your question, we'd love to help, here's our customer service number".

Bangs. Head. On. Desk.

Ah well.

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