Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fantasy Adventurers

Fantasy Adventurers is the light, fun strategy game where you explore dungeons, kill things, take their stuff, return to town, heal your party, gain some levels, then start all over again with an even harder dungeon. Sound familiar? As a strategy game, rather than a RPG, in Fantasy Adventurers you manage a party of four characters rather than a single character.

What you need to play: Fantasy Adventurers is designed to be a light, simple and fun two-player game that can be played almost anywhere. All you need to play is a sheet of paper, something to write with and a single d20. It’s that easy.


SirKerry said...

Looks fun (and I'll definatel buy a copy of it), but isn't MA20 supposed to be released today?

Bob said...

According to the RPGObjects site, it was pushed back until tomorrow (11/30).

Chuck said...

Should be very soon, we're proofing the PDF now.