Friday, November 30, 2007

Martial Arts20 goes on sale

This is a book I wanted to write even before Modern20 was finished. I started to see the possibilities in the new rules to add even more depth and flash to unarmed combat, and was literally chomping at the bit to write this before M20 was even done.

And now, here it is. Hopefully you guys like it as much as I do.


SirKerry said...

Yes! Just downloaded and skimmed through, very sweet!

Weird question comes to mind, since you're doing animals as NPCs does that mean a horse could have the Horse style martial art?

Charles said...

Animals don't really get to pick their feats. If you wanted to do something very silly, then sure.

SirKerry said...

I know it's silly, well only sorta. If Horse style martial arts is how a horse fights wouldn't it make sense (well it does in my twisted little mind) that a warhorse should get the feat of Horse style martial arts?

Although I guess we could save the silly stuff for antromorphics/Watership Down-type games (man that's giving me some weird visuals just thinking about it).

Charles said...

Horse isn't an imitation of horse combat. The horse stance gained its name because it looks like a man is riding a horse when he's in it.

Legs far apart, knees bent, like he's straddling a horse.

I agree giving a horse the horse style would be really silly. THere's no mechanical reason why you couldn't though, it would just make for a really silly animals-as-people type move that would fit in few campaigns.

Larry Clapp said...

> ... literally chomping at the bit ...

You wear a bit?


-- ;)

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