Friday, November 23, 2007

Coming Soon from Vigilance Press

I mentioned awhile ago that I was going to do some work in a system I'd never worked in before. Well that time is coming soon, the project is the World Metahuman Factbook and the system is Four Color.

Four Color is a free (yes free, it does not cost one red cent) open-source superhero game written by Phil Reed. It bears a rather striking resemblance to a certain marvelous game from the days of yore but I'm almost positive that's coincidental.

My idea is to do a survey of superheroes from countries around the world based on the concept that superheroes are one in a million, with a take and style similar to the CIA World Factbook but looking strictly at metahumans.

First up, Germany, a country of 82 million, meaning its metahuman population is 82. A country with a past rooted in both World Wars as well as the Cold War, the bright future of one of Europe's leading lights might hide some secrets from a dark past.

Though this book won't detail all 82 metahumans, it will contain several (exact number to be announced soon) with full statistic write-ups, histories and plot hooks.

Obviously if this does well, there is a potential for a plethora of sequels.


SirKerry said...


elrics said...

Indeed. Sold the moment it goes live.

There was a lot of buzz about 4C when Phil originally announced it and started development, which turned into backlash when he was hired back by SJGames and back-burnered it.

Now that it's out, I hope it regains momentum...I'd love to see lots of third-party supplements for the game.

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