Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marvel Adventures Avengers: How to win Chuck to a comic in one page

So I checked out the Marvel Adventures Avengers via the Marvel Digital Comics service I recently signed up for (and raved about).

Marvel Adventures are all-ages titles, so they're for the kiddies, they're continuity-free and are meant to be that doorway drug for the next generation.

I'd been tempted by these before, but never taken the plunge. Since everything in the Digital Comics section is "free" (defined as not any more than I already paid) I checked them out.

Issue 1, page 1, a general tells the Avengers they're being fired. Why? Because they have a new automated defense system to handle threats the Avengers used to face.

They call it Ultron.


So you take Ultron, and you mix him with a healthy dose of Skynet. By the end of the issue they were fighting Ultron tanks, Ultron planes, Ultron ships. Basically military stuff with Ultron faces on them, controlled by the Ultron mainframe.

Did I mention how freaking radical this idea is to me?

And to top it off, they somehow made Ultron equal parts cute, funny and creepy, all at once. It was definitely for the kiddies, but definitely not just for them.

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elrics said...

That General must _love_ his job: "I'm sorry Thor, Capt. America, Plastic Man, but you're all FIRED. Clean out your desks and see H.R. on the way out for your severance checks. Don't forget the no-competition clause in your contracts...go to work for the Chinese, and I WILL SUE YOUR ASSES INTO OBLIVION. Now, let's not make this any harder than it has to be, shall we?"

Dude, if you are _firing_ Captain America, you have some serious mojo in the Dept. of Defense.

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