Tuesday, November 06, 2007

From Aikido to Zen (L)

Lucha Libre

Martial Arts Style

A martial art that believes mystery is the key to victory, masks are worn during combat to protect the fighter’s identity and give him added ferocity in battle. Like many pure wrestling traditions Mexican Masked Wrestling has made its way into Professional Wrestling… at least the masks have.

Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts or Defensive Martial Arts

Style Maneuvers

Unarmed 4 ranks: Immovable: the DC of trip attempts against you is your Unarmed or Acrobatics +15

Unarmed 8 ranks: Low Profile: once per encounter if you are masked you gain a bonus to a single attack roll equal to the difference between your Reputation and your opponent’s Reputation.

You may use this ability additional times per encounter if you spend an Action Point.

Unarmed 12 ranks: Aura of Mystery: while wearing a mask, your unarmed attacks are modified by your Charisma rather than your Strength.

Unarmed 16 ranks: Banter: your Charisma modifier is considered +2 higher for purposes of this feat

Unarmed 20 ranks: Public Speaking: +2 Charisma

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