Friday, February 15, 2008

Clash of Roses: True 20 sourcebook set during Shakespeare's History Plays

So this is a book I have been thinking about for a long, long time.

Anyone who knows anything about me, probably knows that I'm (if possible) a bigger Shakespeare nerd than I am a gaming nerd.

I've pitched this book to various companies, got a go-ahead to do it as a Legends title for RPGO, but something just didn't feel right about it, so it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

However, the recent announcement that the True 20 license was going free, along with a basic desire to do it on my own for some bizarre reason, clicked and so I've decided this will be the first full-size sourcebook from Vigilance Press for quite awhile.

Since Prometheus in fact.

As before, I'll be setting up an insider's group, so if you want to see the game under construction and shape its development, there'll be a way for you to do that.

1 comment:

Daniel M. Perez said...

Biggest Shakespeare Nerd #2 reporting, Sir!

No seriously, I want in. Now. The few attempts at gaming Shakespeare so far have left me... disillusioned, to say the least.

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