Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Secret Project X-13 Revealed! AZ: After Zombies

So, I've been dark for awhile. Things go like that when you're working a full time job and designing a new RPG system from the ground up in your spare time.

But things have progressed and I am now very proud to pull the curtain back and reveal what I've been working on, along with the first bit of art from the game. The game is called AZ: After Zombies. Human history has entered a new phase, not seen since Before Christ became Anno Domini. Now history is divided into Before Zombies and After Zombies.

After Zombies is a survival horror role-playing game, written by Charles Rice with art by Jon Gibbons. I've been talking about the game on the official Facebook page since the initial reveal, so I recommend you go there for the latest news on  the development of the game.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Secret Project X-13

In which Chuck falls off the wagon. No, not that wagon, he was never on that one, the other wagon.


So, I have been writing a RPG for a few weeks now. As always, the name of any RPG in development is Secret Project X-13. The usual suspects have already seen it and have provided some great input.

But now it is time to broaden the field. If you'd like a look, drop me a line and let me know where I know you from. If I don't know you, at least virtually, well, it's hard to put this delicately, but I am unlikely to trust you with a manuscript that is still in development.

Who are the usual suspects? They are legend. Give me great input and this is your chance to become one of the usual suspects!


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