Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fantasci released

Hey folks, you can now purchase the long awaited Fantasci, a science fantasy setting for Modern20, at the RPGObjects superstore!

It will also soon be available at RPGNow/DTRPG/OBS soon. I'll drop a line when that happens as well. Though buying from us is preferred because, uh, we get more of the money.

There's two books available now for the setting, with a third on the way.

First, there's the Gazetteer of Aurianis, the free guide to the home setting for Fantasci.

Second, there's the character building guide, with new occupations and feats, as well as a Modern20 Magic System.


Masada said...

Congrats on another published product!

*pops the bubbly*

May it do well and go double platnium... or whatever fantasy PDF's do.

Chuck said...

Fade into obscurity?

Seriously though, danke.

Walt said...

NICE! When are the monsters scheduled to drop...?

Just being curious... and nosey.

Congrats on the publication on this and the other projects you have done lately.

My digital bookshelf is briming with all things Chuck (thank gawd as I have already burned through everything else you have written).

Best regards,

Chuck said...

March(ish) would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

Is there more setting information in the character building guide (or future supplements) than is available in the gazetteer?

Chuck said...

Hi Jason, I would say there is, in the sense that with the occupation and race descriptions you're going to get a greater sense of the world.

There isn't an expanded gazetteer in the character guide though.

I actually wanted to keep that information brief. I think game masters should make the world their own and having a detailed guide to a world, which is inevitably read by players as well, leads to Forgotten Realms Syndrome, one of my least favorite game phenomenon, where players actually know as much, if not more, about the world than the game master.

We've talked about doing adventures, dependent on sales, which would be where more information on the world will be found than is available in the other books.

mikelaff said...

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