Saturday, February 16, 2008

Modern20 adventure update

Been giving some more thought to a Modern20 adventure. How's this look.

Welcome to Abducted, a Modern20 adventure. In Abducted, a leading astrophysicist is abducted after delivering a controversial lecture predicting that a meteor will strike the Earth. The PCs must find him and learn both the reasons for his abduction and the truth of his dire prediction.

Since different Modern20 campaigns will have a different level of paranormal occurrences, Abducted will provide a number of options for tailoring the adventure to your campaign, with options for no paranormal influence, alien influence and supernatural influence. Finally, specific advice for using this adventure with the Hunters campaign model presented in the Modern Dispatch will be provided.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good - especially if you use it in the Odyssey Prime setting, where a large meteor *is* going to strike the Earth in a few years :-)

Chuck said...

Good idea, no reason to pin down whether the scientist is right or wrong about that meteor.

There's also the possibility that it's not a meteor at all, but a spaceship.

A really, really big one.

Walt said...

Damn the forces of the Commet Empire!

Sounds like a fun adventure... can't wait to see it.


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