Friday, September 15, 2017

Night Ride Part 1

Night Ride Part 1

“Look, Pa, it’s my turn. Also, Nana is having one of her spells again and she has no idea who I am when she gets this way.”

Saw sighed and heaved his bad leg off the foot stool. He’d broken it in the first days of the outbreak and it never had a chance to heal right. Now it was more of a club than a leg. Ached like hell.

“Alright, Gus, you win. I’ve got the bike loaded up. I’ll go down the block and get them riled.”

“Check on Nana first. Seriously. She’s bad tonight.”

Saw started to turn toward the stairs then paused. He reached into the go bag that always hung from his left shoulder and reached inside. The book he drew out wouldn’t have been a “one hander” for most men but it fit in his like he was born with it.

“Cassius has been stingy lately, but I know he wants this. Don’t show it unless you have to, and not for nothin’ but ammo for the Remington.”

“Yessir, Pa.”

She touched the picture on her way out to the garage. Saugus Iron Works. Their good luck charm. He was Sawyer and she was Augusta. Saw and Gus. When they visited the place they thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened. Maybe it was.

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Adventure for AZ on the Way

So, Adventure Locale #1: White Star Trailer Park is coming soon! It's a location based adventure for my zombie apocalypse game, AZ: After Zombies. When it's available I'll have more news.

Things I like: Perfume (the J-pop band)

So we're back, after only an absence of three months this time. Progress.

No wait, I got this... Progress?


So, if you have no idea who or what Perfume is, which is probably a lot of the few who still come here, let's start there.

So I could send you to wikipedia, but that's dumb. First, if you're here you probably know how the internet works, find wikipedia your fucking self. Second, if there's a worse way to introduce music to someone than text, I'm hard pressed to imagine what it would be.

Stained glass art, perhaps?

Anyway, here, this is Perfume. It's undeniably happy J-Pop.

If you said to me I'd be a fan of a J-Pop band a couple years ago, I'd have looked at you like you were from space. Of course, it took me several hundred hours of listening to Daft Punk before I realized I was into Techno.

Oh and hey! Perfume is also heavily techno. So there's that.

This is not my favorite Perfume song, although it's top ten. It is however, a perfect way to introduce Perfume to someone who has no idea who they are. This is a quintessential video and great example of their sci-fi Kawaii aesthetic.

This is a non-game thing I am going to talk about on occasion, so I hope you folks liked it, because I am planning on writing more about this band and why I love them so much.

Disclaimer: I am not a music critic.

Night Ride Part 1

Night Ride Part 1 “Look, Pa, it’s my turn. Also, Nana is having one of her spells again and she has no idea who I am when she gets this w...