Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Police Procedural heading for the perp walk

Police Procedural, by Mike "Cold War" Daumen is a short PDF that gives you all the tools you need to run a police investigation from the crime scene to the courtroom. A full system for gathering evidence, converting that evidence into exhibits at trial, and using those exhibits to obtain a conviction is included.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vigilance Press re-releases original Prometheus Rising

Back in print after nearly 5 years, see where the popular d20 product Blood and Space and its signature setting, Prometheus Rising got their start in this original d20 edition of the game.

It's the year 2214, and the solar system is more wonderful, and more terrifying, than we ever imagined. And as mankind attempts to wrestle with the discovery of alien life, the greatest danger that looms over the Jovian Colonies is the danger we brought with us: ourselves.

Welcome to the future.

Prometheus Rising is the d20 compatible core rules book for a new milieu set in our solar system in the near future. It provides everything you need to run a Prometheus Rising campaign.

There are 7 races including Androids, Euros, low gravity adapted humans, and genetic Rewrites, 9 classes including starship Pilots, economic power brokers, Smugglers, frontiersmen, and the Sensitives. There is a full compliment of skills and feats to support them including piloting maneuvers and psionics, and plenty of sci-fi' armor and weapons. There are drugs and pharmacology rules, and an extensive section on starships and starship combat and navigation in a very real setting. Completing the rules is the economic system guide for conducting business throughout the colonies.

Finally, a solar system to use them in awaits you. Corporate intrigue headquarters is on the Moon, alien ruins are everywhere, and the Jovian moons are rife with human and alien settlements.

Everything presented is closely compatible with the d20 core rules, and so could be lifted easily into any existing appropriate d20 campaign.


I get asked about this early book of mine, that I wrote with an assist from science advisor Chris Nicholson. So, after some careful consideration and consultation with RPGObjects, who have been the publisher of later editions of Blood and Space and Prometheus Rising, we decided to re-release this game at a bargain price.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clash of History: Witch Trials released

Just wanted to let folks know I cooked up something new in the lab of mad science: Clash of History: Witch Trials

In the Middle Ages, a witch panic swept Europe, holding many nations in its thrall for centuries. Men and women believed in divine magic without doubt, miracles given as a gift from on high. If these were real, then evil must have agents in the world as well. Agents known as Witches.

Between 1200 and 1792 AD, when the last witch was executed in Europe, conservative estimates place the number of executions at between 50 and 100,000.

Clash of History: Witch Trials, brings this time of panic into your historically-themed OGL fantasy games. Providing a new core class, the Witch, along with a new Prestige Class, the Inquisitor.

Clash of History: Witch Trials also gives a complete overview of the witch trial period, the most popular witch hunter manuals and ways to bring a witch hunt into your ongoing campaign.

Whether your players are the hunter or the hunted, whether your campaign is set in Europe or is straight from your imagination, Clash of History: Witch Trials is for you

Monday, May 14, 2007

Something I noticed...

I looked down at the post before this one, and realized... life is fucking good.

When MST3K make a comeback and Rush release a new album, the universe is on my side.

So... may... it happened...

In case anyone was wondering, I'm not dead. Turns out translating hundreds of pieces of martial arts crunch for that True 20 Blood and Fists thing was... hard. It sucked. I fucking hate homework.

So anyway, it's done, I made it. I killed the book, not the other way around.

Oh yeah, and Rush has a new album, and it rocks.

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