Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Star Trek- The Toys Are Awesome (Play With The Toys)

So I seem to be in the minority on this- but I am SO STOKED to hear that Gary Mitchell will be the villain in the next Abrams Star Trek movie. Many (most?) seem to want him to leave the toys in the toybox, so they can stay collector's items.

I say bah to that. He brought the toybox out of the basement for a reason. Most thought he couldn't do it, and he did. So now, he should play with ALL the coolest ones- Guardian of Forever, Doomsday Machine, Khan (yes, Khan), Kang, and Gary Mitchell.

Whatever he wants.

Glad to see he's not afraid. Course, I suspect most of the people sniffing and shaking their heads at Gary Mitchell (and saying he should never, EVER revisit Khan) probably had the same reaction to recasting Kirk, Spock and Bones too.

How many Jokers have we seen in the same amount of time we saw one Khan? Three? Way more if you count voice actors in the mix.

Having a different Khan will not make anyone forget the awesomeness of Ricardo "Corinthian Leather" Montalbahn. And maybe, just maybe, the second Khan, or the second Gary Mitchell, will be better than the first.

I mean, it's certainly possible. Heath Ledger crushed Jack Nicholson like a grape.

The toys are awesome JJ. You lugged the toybox up from the basement, and grandpa is dead anyway. Play with the toys.

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