Sunday, February 10, 2008

What if?

So I do a lot of different types of books, but here's where you get to chime in.

If I could write the perfect book, the one you always wanted me to write, what would it be?


DNAphil said...

I have said it once...I will say it again. True 20 Legends of the Samurai

Steve Peterson said...

A d20 Modern or Modern20 adventure path!

Anonymous said...

Modern20 Noir Space Fantasy. Starships, weird aliens (reptoids, catgirls, mind flayers, etc.), mecha, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know from Beyond Space and Time, space pirates, and seedy bars.

Rules sub-routines would involve martial arts, psionics, obscure Taoist magic, mecha construction & combat, starship construction & combat, virtual reality computer hacking, and organization (space pirates, star navy, Imperial Marines, starport bureaucracy, merchant's guild, world gov't, etc.) founding, membership, and conflict.

Inspired by Babylon5, Star Trek DS9, Firefly/Serenity, etc...but the exemplar, the ne plus ultra, of the genre, is the indescribably awesome OutlawStar anime (

So when's it coming out? :)

mikelaff said...

Wing Commander: The Role Playing Game. With fast and fun space dogfighting rules

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