Sunday, February 17, 2008

End of an era

So I went ahead and de-activated the original Vigilance and Darkness and Light at RPPGNow the other day.

I know what you're thinking "shouldn't he have done that in 2005"? Probably. The standards of d20 design have come a long way since then, not to mention I (thankfully) am a much better writer now than I was then, especially in terms of knowing my way around a d20 supplement.

The fact that Blood and Vigilance, the spiritual second edition to these books was as different from them as it could be (in fact the only way to make it more different would have been to remove the word Vigilance from the title of B&V) should tell you what I thought about the design.

Still, I didn't deactivate them for mostly sentimental reasons. Ugly they may be, but they sure got me started, and I received an email about twice a year asking me how I got started. When the PDFs were there, I could just "go look".

But, when looking at things from a cold business perspective, as I sometimes do, having those be the cheapest Vig Press books was not a help to me. Someone buying those might very well have been doing so to check out my solo design work.

Not good.

So, they've been deactivated. From now on when someone asks me how I got started, I'll just send them the PDFs instead.


AccidentalFraser said...

Along with the interesting post, I love the label--"rambling emo crap". Sweet!

Vigilance said...

Just count your blessings that when you clicked on the tag (and dont even try to pretend you didn't) that 100 posts didn't come up.

For quite awhile this blog has maintained its "no politics, no emo" policy intact.

Except for the occasional slip up that seems just game related enough to slip through ;)

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