Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vigilance Press end of year report

Well, it's been an interesting year to say the least.

Lots of cool Modern20 work for me this year but the big change for me was when Chris took a hiatus from RPGObjects.

This caused me to focus more on Vigilance Press than ever and I have to say I'm happy with how that's been going.

Over the last 4 or 5 months that I've actually been treating VP like a business, I've seen sales increase each month.

And December is the biggest month in Vigilance Press' entire history, going all the way back to the release of the original Vigilance in the late 60's early 70's (ok, 2002 but who's counting).

This is due in large part to luck really- two BIG releases that have been in the works for quite awhile hit in the same month: Mike Lafferty's awesome Wargames and Mecha Omega, written by some guy- his name escapes me.

It was a great 1-2 punch and led to a lot of folks looking at Vigilance Press for the first time.

Now I'm off to drink myself out of one year and into the next.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mecha Omega: Destiny Station released

If you like Mecha Omega, and you like Modern20, then Paul King has written just the book for you!

Mecha Omega: Destiny Station provides some new occupations and NPC mech pilots, written using the Modern20 rules.

It also has some new Mech equipment.

It's a lot of material in a small package, at a low price. How could you go wrong?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Look Short Form "It's Widescreen"

Went to a wider format because I was tired of my embedded video and cover thumbnails getting cut off by the old template.

It's the same old blog, only in sensurround as Jason Fox would say.

Wargames 1: Superhuman threats of the Cold War released

Wargames reimagines the Iron Age as a time when the flag heroes of the NATO Alliance faced down their spandex-clad Soviet opposite numbers across the Berlin Wall and engaged in a shadow war of a super-powered covert adventures.

You might ask: Why a book about superheroes in the Cold War?


Because, when you really think about it, wouldn't Red Dawn have been a whole lot cooler if Captain America were in it?

If you answered that question in the affirmative, then this book is for you.
This pdf provides:

A detailed timeline of the Cold War in a super-powered comic book universe and detailed write-ups and stats of over 15 metahuman threats from both sides of the Iron Curtain ready for use in your M&M Superlink campaign, including:

· Battle Czar -- Can even the most powerful being on Earth restore Lenin's true vision of Communism?

· General Venom -- Formerly the leading patriotic hero in the US, General Venom has gone renegade and sworn to topple the corrupt US government...

· Majestic-12 -- Shape-changing alien in service to the CIA, Majestic 12 uses the persona of a a humble, naïve but wise "stranger in a strange land" to hide his true sociopathic nature as he hunts down Eastern Bloc mutants...

· EmergCon -- An advanced AI designed to take control of US military resources in case senior leadership was killed by a nuclear first strike, EmergCon has decided that détente is illogical and its time to take matters into its own hands...

· The Glorious Worker's Righteous Fury -- the super team of Communist China has seen action against US forces in the Taiwan Strait and Korea, against Warsaw Pact forces in the border conflict with the Soviet Union and with super-powered rebels in Tibet. But their hardest trials have been from their homeland's own political turmoil.

· Sovi-Ape -- The simian Soviet super-soldier grew disillusioned with Communism and defected to America, but after finding the Land of the Free anything but welcoming, he decides to start his own post-human revolution...

Requires the Mutants & Masterminds RPG, Second Edition,by Green Ronin Publishing For Use. Mutants & Masterminds, M&M Superlink,the M&M Superlink logo,and Green Ronin are trademarks of Green Ronin Publishing and are used with permission.

Learn more or purchase this new release here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vigilance Press Facebook group

If you want to keep up with Vigilance Press, the front company for my world-wide mercenary empire- uh- I mean my self-publishing house, there's now a Facebook group!

Special thanks to Mike Lafferty for thinking of this.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Supplement #1: Alchemist

Supplement #1 presents a new class for your OSRIC games: the Alchemist.

This class is perfect for NPCs, hirelings, low magic games and just for players looking for a unique challenge!

Play the master of potions and poisons, oils and acids, discover the alchemist today!

Check it out here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mecha at the OGL Wiki

Over at the OGL Wiki, Mark Gedak has created the first fan-created mech (that I know of) using the Mecha Omega rules.

He also has some new features to install on your mech, so go check it out!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mecha Omega released

Mecha Omega provides a complete Mecha and Kaiju rule set, along with two campaign models, all in a lean 22 page package.

This product provides rules for constructing a mech from the ground up, as well as growing Kaiju for them to fight.

Mecha Omega is a generic OGL product, meaning it should work with any OGL game where characters have a Defense statistic that rises with character level.

Learn more here

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Time to move, I got bad guys to send to commie heaven (Rogue Warrior end theme, very NSFW)

Ok, so this is maybe the funniest thing I've seen ever. Or at least since I watched House a couple of days ago.

Anyway, the game looks terrible, but this looks decidedly awesome.

Night Ride Part 1

Night Ride Part 1 “Look, Pa, it’s my turn. Also, Nana is having one of her spells again and she has no idea who I am when she gets this w...