Monday, February 11, 2008

TV Show review: Breaking Bad

Not many TV shows grab my attention but I picked up the pilot of this show from Itunes and loved it enough that I'm watching the rest.

It stars Bryan Cranston, who was brilliant as the father on Malcolm in the Middle, and the show is the creation of Vince Gilligan, one of the X-Files writers that also was the show runner on the awesome Lone Gunmen spinoff and who wrote many of the signature Lone Gunmen episodes such as "The Unusual Suspects".

It was this combination of a brilliant actor (cause, you know, comedy is the hard one) and a brilliant writer along with a very bizarre premise that got me to check it out.

Speaking of the premise, Cranston's character in Breaking Bad is a high school chemistry with a disabled child and a pregnant wife who learns he has inoperable lung cancer and has two years (at most) to live.

So he decides to set up a Meth lab and make a nice fat nestegg to leave his family.

It's smartly written, definitely for adults and a quirky black comedy that I can't stop laughing over even when the episodes are done.

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Chuck said...

Awesome, thanks!

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